‘Believer’ Trailer: Imagine Dragons Frontman Fights for Mormon LGBTQ Acceptance in Documentary

     May 23, 2018


HBO has released a new trailer for the upcoming documentary Believer. Directed by Don Argott, the film focuses on Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds, who was raised in the Mormon community and is currently a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, Reynolds takes issue with how the church treats those in the LGBTQ community, and specifically how many Mormon youths have been driven to suicide due to lack of acceptance in the LDS church. So the film finds Reynolds struggling to bridge the gap between these two groups, and to fight for Mormon acceptance of LGBTQ people.

The film actually looks pretty interesting, regardless of whether you’re aware or a fan of Reynolds’ work as a musician. I like the personal angle here, and HBO seems a swell fit for this kind of documentary. Moreover, Reynolds isn’t the only face of the film, as it also digs a bit into the life of Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn, an openly gay former Mormon.

Check out the Believer trailer below and click here to watch Steve’s extended interview with Reynolds about the film from Sundance earlier this year. Believer will air on HBO on June 25th.


Image via HBO


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