Exclusive ‘Ben 10’ Clip Reveals Another Awesome Alien Transformation

     April 7, 2017


We’re thrilled to debut an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of Cartoon Network’s Ben 10, a new take on the world-famous animated action series! The new Ben 10 reintroduces the title character: the fun-loving, 10-year-old, Ben Tennyson, as well as his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max as they travel the country during summer vacation. Things quickly take a turn for the adventurous once Ben finds the Omnitrix, a mysterious watch that transforms him into 10 different heroic aliens, opening up a world of extraterrestrial superpowers.

Our exclusive clip shows off one of those 10 astounding transformations, that of the famous Four Arms, sampled from a Tetramand from the planet Khoros. There’s a very different animation style at play here to be sure, and fans of previous iterations of Ben 10 are likely to go through some growing pains in getting used to it, but this is a fun first look at the newly rebooted series that’s likely to find a whole new audience and hopefully convert some long-time fans along the way.


Image via Cartoon Network

The premiere of Ben 10 makes its U.S. debut Monday, April 10 at 5 p.m. (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network, but fans can also watch the episode today on the Emmy Award-winning Cartoon Network app. Be sure to return to Collider Monday morning for my early review of the series!

Ben 10 is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and created and executive produced by Man of Action Entertainment (Big Hero 6, Generator Rex) with John Fang (Mixels, Generator Rex) as executive producer. The talented voice cast includes Tara Strong as Ben Tennyson, Montse Hernandez as Gwen, and David Kaye as Grandpa Max.

Check out our exclusive debut of a clip from the new Ben 10 series below:

Ben (as FourArms) decides to compete in the Midwestern Wrestling Smackdown hoping no one realizes he has four arms after Gwen voices her skepticism in this clip from “The Ring Leader.”