Ben Kingsley and Jena Malone to Star in A DOLL’S HOUSE

     November 1, 2011

The cast has been set for the feature film adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s classic play A Doll’s House. Ben Kingsley, Jena Malone, Julian Sands (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), and Michele Martin (Assisting Venus) are set as the leads in the adaptation. Charles Huddleston (Assisting Venus) is directing the pic which will be a modern day version of Ibsen’s play. The film centers on “a young woman’s escape from an overbearing husband set during today’s recession.” Variety reports that Martin will play Nora Helmer, the young wife of a banking executive. Malone will take on the role of Nora’s friend Christine, who must choose between her loyalty to her friend or her own future, with Kingsley playing the Helmers’ friend Dr. Rank and Sands set as Nathan, “a professional in the seedy world of lending desperate people money.”

Ibsen’s Norwegian play was first published in 1879, and centers on a debt crisis. Kingsley just wrapped a role in the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy The Dictator. Malone was recently seen in Sucker Punch and is poised to play author Carson McCullers in Lonely Hunter.

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