Ben Kingsley Returns to India to Play Shah Jahan in TAJ MAHAL

     November 27, 2009


The Guardian reports that after 27 years since he won an Oscar for playing Mohandas Ghandi, Ben Kingsley is set to delve into India’s history books once again, this time as Shah Jahan, the Mogul ruler who commissioned the construction of the Taj Mahal.  The Shah reigned over the Mogul Empire between 1628-1658 and built the Taj Mahal after his favored wife Mumtaz Mahal (to be played by Indian superstar and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) died in childbirth.

Kingsley, who is also a producer on the film, had this to say about the project: “With my passion for India and the Taj Mahal now becoming one of the seven wonders of the World, I am compelled to ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ this scream of grief frozen in marble came into being. It is an indelible monument to passion and love. How did the building evolve in the first place, that is the question we’re looking at.”  With words so dignified and eloquent, it’s almost hard to believe that he co-starred in Bloodrayne.

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