Ben Stiller Replaces Eddie Murphy in Con-Man Flick TRUMP HEIST

     February 17, 2010


24 Frames reports that Universal has replaced Eddie Murphy with Ben Stiller in Trump Heist, which development people in Hollywood are calling, “a black Ocean’s Eleven.”  The film centers on a group of con-men who work in Trump Tower and plan to swindle the poor residents who already have to suffer living in a building owned by Donald Trump (although the film may eventually be called “Tower Heist”). Chris Rock and Chris Tucker were previously mentioned in connection to the film.  Murphy was set to play the lead role but with Stiller on board there will be a new draft of the script.  I can’t imagine why.

24 Frames cleverly notes that Trump Heist would be a white film updated to a black film and then twisted back to having a white lead (and that’s just for now).   Despite my total lack of faith in Eddie Murphy starring in a good movie, I have a tough time seeing Stiller as a con-man since he tends to play characters that are anything but savvy.

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