RIP Bernie Wrightson: Legendary Horror and Comic Book Artist Dies at 68

     March 19, 2017


Bernie Wrightson, the legendary horror and comic book artist, and actual miracle worker on a page, has passed away at the age of 68 after a battle with brain cancer. Wrightson announced his official retirement at the start of this year due to poor health.

Best known as the co-creator of Swamp Thing and for his staggering work on the illustrated edition of Mary Shelley‘s Frankenstein. He also created the artwork for Creepshow, kicking off a long-running relationship with Stephen King, for whom he also illustrated The Cycle of the Werewolf, and special editions of The Stand and From a Buick 8. He also provided illustrations for Spider-Man, The Punisher, and Batman. In recent years, he worked on the Monstrous Collection with 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles.


Image via IDW Publishing

In addition to his work as an illustrator, Wrightson worked as a concept artist on a number of beloved films including Ghostbusters, Galaxy Quest, and Frank Darabont‘s The Mist, for which he designed the creatures including the instantly iconic Impossibly Tall Creature.

I first met Wrightson at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors when he was doing the rounds for The Mist. A young horror enthusiast, I wasn’t familiar with his work, but he was so lovely and inspirational, I made a point to seek it out after the fact. Well, once you get a glimpse of Wrightson’s insanely intricate and emotionally evocative pieces, you’re a fan for life. Wrightson made miracles and nightmares out of pen and page and the world is a little less wondrous without him. RIP Bernie, you’ve left an Impossibly Tall Legacy.

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