The Best TV Shows of 2019 So Far

     June 28, 2019

My, what a spectacular year we’re having on television. With half of 2019 left to go, TV has already delivered the bulk of the best in entertainment this year, across the board. From streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon, cable standouts like HBO and Starz, upstarts like DC Universe and more, everywhere you turn, there’s some fantastic TV to watch.

Likewise, the best TV shows of 2019 represent an impressive lineup of diverse genres; superhero and fantasy entertainment, prestige dramas and mini-series, horror comedies, sketch comedy, animation, genre-bending hybrids and everything in between. No matter where you turn or what you’re watching, you’ve probably run into some standout TV this year.

Now that we’re about half-way through 2019, the Collider staff rallied to pick our favorites series so far, and what a list we’ve got! With so many outstanding series to pick from, we’ve culled quite the selection. Without further ado, check out the best TV Shows of 2019 so far below.