19 Action Movies to Watch in 2019

     January 30, 2019


The tentpole age is a great time to be an action fan — whether you like superhero action, sci-fi action, or straight up John Wick style set-piece fueled action, there’s something for you in 2019. This year marks a major turning point in the MCU; a trio of films that will give us the first female-led Marvel film, the culmination of a decade’s worth of world-building, and the film that will lead us in to the next phase. On the heels of DC’s billion-dollar trip to Atlantis, we’ll also get the next step in the new cinematic DC universe. And thhat’s just the superhero stuff!

Elsewhere, 2019 is poised to bring us another wildly action-packed John Wick movie, the reinvention of the Men in Black franchise, the return of the Terminator franchise, and plenty of big-budget streaming films.

Check out our list of action movies to watch in 2019 below, and for more movies to look forward to this year, be sure to check out the links below.

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