The 10 Best Blockbuster Movies of 2015

     December 25, 2015

best-blockbuster-movies-2015-sliceIn terms of blockbuster filmmaking, 2015 served up an embarrassment of riches. Certainly, the industry has shifted ever more toward epic-scale popcorn flicks in recent years; a trend that has by and large left mid-budget filmmaking in the dust as studios build their release calendars with tentpoles and possible franchise-starters. Likewise, as superhero-shared universes and their ilk continue to become an ever-expanding piece of the entertainment landscape, the trend is only set to continue. Hell, it won’t be too long before we can make a Top 10 list comprised entirely of superhero flicks.

But 2015’s blockbusters were all about the spy craft, as you’ll note in the list below, and the resurgence of long-slumbering franchises — and most of those revivals were successful! (Sorry, Terminator: Genysis.)  In an odd turn for a year that owes so much to the heritage of the 007 franchise, the proper Bond film, Spectre, proved to be a messy disappointment. Unfortunately, the few original big-budget properties like Jupiter Ascending and Tomorrowland also failed to fulfill their full potential. But even with a few missed opportunities, the year rich with excellent popcorn entertainment. Check out my ten favorites in the list below.

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