The Best Anti-Valentine’s Day Movies on Netflix

     February 13, 2017


Does anyone ever really like Valentine’s Day? If you’re single, it’s a day when no one spontaneously buys you drugstore chocolates, and you seriously contemplate adopting a dog. If you’re in a relationship, you suddenly find yourself thrust into the Love Olympics: buying one of those jumbo cards that would swallow up a child, trying to bribe your way into an overpriced restaurant, or hoping your significant other wasn’t lying when they said you can totally skip the holiday this year (better buy that pink stuffed bear just in case!) Valentine’s Day is a recipe for the blues no matter what your relationship status is, so why not get all your pent up rage at St. Valentine out with a good old-fashioned Anti-Valentine’s Day movie on Netflix?

Netflix has a wealth of movies about relationships gone bad, singles living it up, and cinematic reminders not to trust every handsome stranger who comes knocking on your door. Love is weird, complicated, and sometimes deadly – both in real life and on the big screen. So whether you are single AF and plan on hunkering down for the evening with a glass of wine that will save you from feeling like you’re the homely sister in a Jane Austen novel, or a happily married couple who want to celebrate by peacing out on the whole sordid affair, here are 20 of the best Anti-Valentine’s Day movies to watch:


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