The Best Cinematography of 2017, Ranked

     December 27, 2017


If you’re a Collider regular, then you’re probably aware we’re big fans of championing all aspects of cinema here. That’s certainly true of cinematography, which is a vital piece of the puzzle that results in a great piece of filmmaking. 2017 has certainly not been lacking in great cinematography, from simply beautiful imagery to downright experimental expressions of this visual medium.

Great cinematography is, of course, far more than just pretty pictures. It’s shots that reinforce character development, it’s camera moves that are motivated by what’s happening in the scene, and it’s establishing a visual metaphor that deepens a viewer’s connection to the themes at work in the film. This is, obviously, a visual medium, and the best cinematography is the kind that does far more than simply frame up actors in a shot.

There were a number of stunning pieces of cinematography in 2017, including many that didn’t quite crack this list. From tremendously nuanced work by Sean Bobbitt in the underrated Stronger to very pretty (and haunting) imagery from Chung-hoon Chung in the blockbuster horror hit IT. So thus this list of the Best Cinematography of 2017 is but a snapshot of a much larger canvas of stellar work from a number of craftspeople throughout the year. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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