The 12 Most Memorable Coen Brothers Characters

     December 3, 2018

coen-brothers-charactersJoel and Ethan Coen are my favorite filmmakers, and part of the reason why is how they come up with such stark, striking characters who hit to the heart of their films’ themes while never standing in as simple symbols or archetypes. These are characters who manage to break out even when they’re part of a milieu that’s as immaculately crafted as a Coen Brothers’ movie (and that’s saying something since the Coens tend to work almost exclusively with the likes of cinematographer Roger Deakins and composer Carter Burwell).

The Coens and their immensely talented actors have brought us a slew of unforgettable characters over the directors’ 30-plus years of filmmaking, so it was a tough task to whittle it down to the cream of the crop, but I think you’ll find a nice balance of their heroes, anti-heroes, and walking horror-shows below.

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