5 R-Rated Fairy Tale Movies You Shouldn’t Show the Kids

     September 13, 2019

snow-white-tale-of-terror-sliceFairy tales have always been dark material. While most of us probably grew up with Disney’s wondrous, family-friendly animated adaptations, the lore behind them is usually far from happily ever after. Like the blood in Cinderella’s shoe or the baby in Princess Talia’s belly, there was always a throughline of the darkest elements of human nature amidst the enchantment and adventure.

While the naughtier bits of the original stories were naturally scrubbed for Disney’s family-friendly princess catalogue, there are surprisingly few movies out there that embrace the dark nature of fairy tale origins. The decent ones are even fewer, but I’ve rounded up some solid picks for an adults-only trip to fantasy land. Check them out below.

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