The 25 Best Feel-Good Movies to Watch When You’re Feeling Down

     August 29, 2019

feel-good-movies-sliceYou’ve had a bad day. You’ve had a bad week. You’ve had a bad year. And sometimes, you’re not in the mood to watch “the best” films. There’s nothing wrong with Citizen Kane, but if you’re feeling like garbage, it’s probably not the film you want to watch while you’re down in the dumps. Sometimes you not only want a movie that can lift your spirits; you need that movie.

With that in mind, we’ve humbly compiled a list of 25 feel-good films to put you in a better mood. These aren’t just blithely cheerful, brain-dead pictures. They’re all terrific movies that carry an uplifting message that is earned, thoughtful, and will definitely leave you smiling as the credits roll.

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