The Best Horror Movies of 2017 So Far

     September 13, 2017


When it comes to horror cinema, 2017 has a lot to live up to. The genre has been on an uphill trajectory in recent years, with a regular string of modern classics from around the world, and 2016 was an especially abundant year for horror. Fortunately, as we come to the end of the summer season, 2017 has been up to the challenge so far.

This year has cast a wide net as far as your options are concerned, packed with critically acclaimed indies and festival hits, studio franchise releases, and surprise box office juggernauts that have made 2017 one of the most profitable years for horror in recent memory.  The subgenres have been equally wide-ranging, and 2017 has served up everything from cannibals and eco-zombies to the arrival of the so-called “social thriller”, with occult and serial killer narratives being particularly popular. We’ve still got plenty left to see, especially as we head into the Halloween holiday season, but so far this year has been a doozy. Check out the best horror movies of 2017 so far below.

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