Top 15 Movie Posters of 2015

     December 21, 2015


As the movie business caters itself more and more to foreign box office receipts and streaming platforms, the front-and-center movie star design approach to movie posters seems to have increased. However, because movie posters are now seen in many arenas other than theatre lobbies. Whether they’re online only, exclusives for film festivals, or animated motion posters for social media, there is more than one shot for many films to show off their designs. And hiding or outright eschewing the actors—in favor of illustrations, negative space, landscapes, retro throwbacks and interesting fonts and graphics—is a personal preference for Collider.

Matt Goldberg and Brian Formo have rounded up their collective 15 favorite poster designs for your perusal. Some of these films were big hits, some are documentaries, some already have a cult following, and some (ahem Lost River) aren’t good movies at all. The quality of the film doesn’t matter for these selections, just the quality of the design. And 2015 had a lot of great designs.

The 15 below are presented in no particular order, and though we’re currently in the throes of a Star Wars: The Force Awakens frenzy, it should be noted that as lovely as the one-sheet is, it’s part of a design template the films have used since 1977. Feel free to let us know your favorite posters of the year in the comments.

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