Top 20 Posters of 2017

     December 26, 2017


Pretty much every major film gets at least one poster, so it’s tough to find standouts among the pack of floating heads, blue-orange color schemes (thankfully, that color scheme looks like it’s on its last legs), and other bland marketing designed to reach everyone and no one.

However, there are always posters that break through and manage to catch our eyes though inventive design. They may just be posters we see online rather than a multiplex, but they still stand out and deserve notice.

Below, I’ve ranked the top 20 posters of 2017. For a poster to qualify for the list, the film had to come out in 2017 (so you won’t find any posters for 2018 movies; look for those next year!), had to be released by a studio (so no Mondo posters), and only one poster per film was allowed.

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