Watch the Staff Celebrate Our Favorite Films of 2015

     January 4, 2016


We’re ready and eager to roll into the New Year but before we do, we’ve got one more Best of 2015 feature for you. Collider has grown quite a bit this year, especially when it comes to video content. Along with our new colleagues at Movie Talk, we’ve significantly upped our video output so that we can celebrate the films we love in a variety of different formats, from lists to interview supercuts, video recaps and more.

As we continue to expand the voice on video, we thought we’d take a moment to do a brief role call on camera and to celebrate our favorite films of the year. Check out the Staff Best of 2015 video below and click here to peruse all of our Best of 2015 coverage. Thank you all so much for celebrating another year of moviemaking with us. Happy New Year!


Here are the links to all of the full Top 10 list:


Image via Warner Bros.


The Weinstein Company


Image via A24 Films


Image via Lionsgate


Image via Open Road Films

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