The Best Movies Coming to Disney+

     September 25, 2019


We’re less than two months away from the long-awaited reveal of Walt Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+ and fans are already clamoring. If you attended the D23 festival or are a D23 Gold Member you probably already took the company on its 2-3 year prepaid offer, but what if you need more convincing? Let’s look at some of the best movies to watch on Disney+ that might change your mind or get you even more excited for the streaming service’s November 12th launch.

A caveat: There are several features announced as being part of later Disney Plus phases (like their upcoming Ink and Paint documentary). For the purposes of this article we’re sticking strictly to features that will be available on Day One of launch.

Click here for a complete list of every movie and TV series confirmed for Day One of Disney+.

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