The Best New Movies on iTunes

     May 8, 2019


Last Updated: August 28th

With theatrical windows getting shorter every year, it’s easy to miss great films while they’re in theaters or just deem that the price is too high, but the film itself is worth the wait. For whatever reason you choose to use iTunes, there’s no denying it’s one of the more popular online rental stores for all kinds of media, especially with its user-friendly interface and plenty of ways to download including iOS and Apple TV. But with so many films moving through the pipeline of theatrical distribution to iTunes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or just cautious of how you’ll spend your $6 on a rental.

We’re here to help provide a bit of guidance on the movies you may have missed that are now available on iTunes. Since iTunes basically has loads of movies, a “Best Movies on iTunes” would basically just be “Best Movies”, so we’re keeping our eye on what’s new to the service. We’ll continue to expand this list and cycle movies in and out as they cease to be “new”, so keep an eye on this space.


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