Here’s All of Collider’s Best of 2017 Content

     January 2, 2018


2017 was a great year for film and television. The biggest genre around—the superhero film—showed off its dynamism with a diverse palate of films from the gritty drama of Logan to the space pop of Thor: Ragnarok, and only one superhero movie of the year stinker. And as evidenced by the wildly uncertain Oscar race at the moment, it was also a terrific year for dramas, comedies, and all kinds of well-crafted features. And then in television, Prestige TV flexed its muscles once more with exciting newcomers like The Handmaid’s Tale and Mindhunter to add to the ever-growing slate of great TV.

Over the last two weeks, we here at Collider have been taking a closer look at the year in TV and film with a variety of content. From individual Top 10 Movies or Top 25 TV Shows lists to more specific superlatives like Best Cinematography or Best Popcorn Movies. We’ve run the gamut in terms of celebrating the great films, TV shows, and performances of 2017, so before we dive headfirst into 2018, we wanted to cull together all of our year-end content in one place.

Below you’ll find links to all the “Best of 2017” features the Collider staff put together, from ranked lists to editorials. We had a blast celebrating movies and TV shows we absolutely loved, and can only hope 2018 brings a similarly high level of quality our way.

And to you, the reader: Thank you for reading Collider and celebrating film and television with us. And Happy 2018!