The Best Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

     February 14, 2019


A great romance can fuel any great film.  Look at cinematic classics and time and time again you’ll find true love at the heart of the story.  Love comes up in all different kinds of ways, and as you’re feeling the love this Valentine’s Day by gorging on chocolate, flowers, and all the rest of that good stuff, we wanted to bring some films to your attention to enjoy on this pleasant day.

Below, you’ll find over twenty movies ranging from comedies to adventures to dramas that will be great for throwing on to enjoy with your special someone this Valentine’s Day.  They all feature love stories that will win you over, and they run the gamut from the classic to the bizarre.  Love is inclusive, and we tried to make this list follow suit.  So with that in mind, get a box of chocolates and a bowl of popcorn to watch some of these films.

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