The 9 Best Seth Rogen Movies, Ranked

     May 17, 2016


Seth Rogen is a very rare breed in the film industry. He’s a talented film actor, but that talent is not only matched, but superseded by his skilled hand as a writer and producer. Thanks to his partnership with Evan Goldberg, his relationships with filmmakers like Judd Apatow and Jonathan Levine, and his network of standout comedic actors, Rogen has earned himself a position as one of the foremost voices of modern cinematic comedy.

As a performer, you kind of know what you’re getting with Rogen. He’s a fantastic comedic presence and a charming on-screen persona, but he’s not a character actor. It’s not that all his characters are the same, but Seth Rogen always looks like Seth Rogen and he always sounds like Seth Rogen. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because Seth Rogen is a great person to be! However, as a writer and creator, Rogen is incredibly creative and diverse. Sure, if he has a byline on the script, you can all but guarantee some substance abuse and at least one dick joke, but beyond that, you can also expect some madhouse high-concept scripts that are even more surprising for their uncompromising honesty. That makes him one of the most exciting creators in the industry. He’s not just content to take the good roles his colleagues make for him, he brings it to the next level and makes even better ones for himself. Ultimately, given the common perception of him as a regulation “stoner type”, it’s a little bit surprising how strong Rogen’s resume is, and there are plenty of worthy films I left off the docket, but these are the definitive, pinnacle films that rise above the rest.

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