The 15 Best Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix Right Now

     September 22, 2019


Audiences are on the verge of obsessive behavior when it comes to streaming must-see TV shows in binge-able servings. Peak TV constantly vying for our eyeballs doesn’t make it easy when it comes to adding series to our Netflix queue. So, what should you binge? Relax. We got ya covered.

Whether you’re looking for a lazy Sunday, a long holiday weekend on the couch, or something to have on in the background, here are 15 essential TV series that all self-respecting fans of the medium should binge. While there’s at least a fabillion shows on Netflix gunning for your attention, this mix of classic faves and Netflix originals are plenty to tide you over.

However, if you’re fixing for a movie or three to watch, our list of the Best Movies on Netflix Right Now is tailored for you. Or if there’s a specific genre of TV you’re searching for, you’ll definitely find it among the lists below: