The Best Spy Movies of the 21st Century So Far

     September 12, 2019


It’s a good time to be a fan of spy cinema. No matter what flavor of espionage action you like, from pensive dramas to scorching political fables, twisted romances, or classic shaken-not-stirred sex appeal, there’s been a great spy movie molded in that fashion since the turn of the 21st Century. Heck, for time there, we had James Bond, Ethan Hunt and Jason Bourne all in peak form, turning out top-notch spy franchises left and right.

Bourne and Bond may have taken a tumble in their most recent films (though somehow these Mission: Impossible movies keep delivering remarkable quality), but the spy genre at large remains in fine form, and as popular as ever. Which means there’s been no shortage of great spy movies since the turn of the century. But if you’re looking to go undercover, gear up with gadgets, and get behind the wheel of a luxury car, we’ve got you covered with the best spy movies of the 21st Century.

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