15 Best Movie Trailers of 2017

     December 27, 2017


Like every year, 2017 had a deluge of trailers with most blockbusters requiring at least three major trailers to rope in audiences in addition to countless TV spots and clips. However, when you consider the amount of movies coming out every week, studios need to fight to break through, and a catchy trailer is the best way to do that. Some trailers will hook people due to the profile of the property (a Star Wars trailer is going to rack up millions upon millions views no matter what), but there’s still an art to crafting a solid trailer.

Below you’ll find my picks for the 15 best trailers of 2017. Just to put some parameters around the choices, I only went with movie trailers (so no trailers for TV shows or video games), only one trailer per film, and the trailer had to be released in 2017 (it’s okay if the film itself doesn’t come out until 2018). I’m sure you’ll disagree with at least some choices on this list, so sound off with your picks in the comments.

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