The Best TV Comedy Sketch Clips of 2015

     December 27, 2015


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Amongst the variety of television milestones that hit the TV and streaming landscape this year, from the series finales of Hannibal and Mad Men to the immediately appealing premieres of Jessica Jones, The Man in the High Castle, and Master of None, it might be easy to forget that this was also the year where Comedy Central bid farewell to Key & Peele. Driving one of the most creative and culturally attuned sketch comedy programs ever, the duo of Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key worked uniquely in the world of delivery and diction on their show, finding a plethora of hugely comical avenues and creating unique characters via a strikingly perceptive ability to play with how people sound. In each episode, they stretched, reshaped, and completely detonated language in the hopes of expressing perspectives ranging from the sober to the absurd. They proved to be not only the long-delayed inheritors to Dave Chapelle‘s thrown, but also the stirringly strange humor rhythms of The State, Mr. Show, and The Kids in the Hall.


Image via Comedy Central

Of course, they’ve gone onto bigger and (hopefully) better things (such as their upcoming comedy Keanu) as has Amy Schumer, who broke out on several tiers in 2015 with the undervalued Trainwreck, her sharp HBO stand-up special, and, of course, Inside Amy Schumer. Along with Key & Peele, the insurmountable South Park, and the increasingly strong Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Inside Amy Schumer reasserted Comedy Central as one of the great titans of modern television programming, finding especial talents and giving the creative freedoms that tend to make the bigger networks edgy; this is also the network that gave Nick Kroll an open platform with Kroll Show.

The best comedy sketch clips of 2015 came primarily from Inside Amy Schumer and Key & Peele but their oddly insightful and endlessly inventive attitudes towards their fellow men and women, and the world at large, had brethren elsewhere, from juggernauts like Portlandia and Saturday Night Live, as well as the brief, brilliant return of Dave Cross and Bob Odenkirk in W/ Bob and Dave. Below, we’ve picked our very favorite moments from this years sketch comedy programs, all of which find fresh and timely reconfigurations of classic comedy set-ups, making each of them classics in their own right.