The 2015 Collider TV Awards: Comedy

     December 21, 2015


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This year I decided to do something a little different with my Best Of lists, in the hopes of giving even more space to discuss the greatest shows and acting performances of the year. In the unforgiving world of Peak TV, there is no room for mediocrity. There’s really not even room for “really good, but not the best.” What does it take for a comedy, a drama, an actor or actress, to really stand out in such a crowded landscape?

In order to help determine that, I’ve set limits on each category of nominees. It was painful. I have agonized over them. I could have expanded each to 25 and still not had enough room. But that’s what happens when you watch over 120 TV shows a year.

This year’s lists are split into three separate posts rolling out this week: Comedy, Drama, and Miniseries & More. We’re also expanding our coverage with editorials in the next two weeks on Late Night shows, sketch comedies, the year in villains, the rise of the superhero show, and much more, so be sure to check back for that. These lists and commentaries are all a celebration of great TV, where the nominees are just as important as the winners. Let’s bask in the greatness, shall we?

Rules: Series had to air between January 1st and December 11th 2015, Best Comedy/Drama limited to 12 series, Best Actor/Actresses limited to 10, Supporting/Guest Actor/Actresses limited to 8, Miniseries limited to 5. Broadcast series are considered for both their winter and fall seasons. (And since Orange Is the New Black is running as a comedy in the Emmys, so too with the Collider TV Awards).