The 2015 Collider TV Awards: Drama

     December 22, 2015


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Yesterday, I listed my favorite performances and overall best comedy series of the year, and as much as I enjoyed them, my heart really belongs with the dramas. And holy smokes, what an exceptional year. Gorgeous, thought-provoking, inspiring, devastating — this year was stacked with fantastic television. Unfortunately, my honorable mention list added up to about 30 series more than I allowed myself to list, and it pained me to cut each and every one. There are so many shows that had very good seasons, but in the world of Peak TV, there can only be room for the very best.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll also be rolling out a number of features about Late Night, sketch comedy series, the rise of the superhero shows, villains we loved to hate, and more, so be sure to check back for that. But first, let’s celebrate some of the best dramas of the 2015. And remember: the nominees are just as important as the winners.

The rules and results are below:

Metrics: Series had to air between January 1st and December 11th 2015, Best Comedy/Drama limited to 12 series, Best Actor/Actresses limited to 10, Supporting/Guest Actor/Actresses limited to 8, Miniseries limited to 5. Broadcast series are considered for both their winter and fall seasons. Fargo, by the way, is running as a Miniseries.