The 2015 Collider TV Awards: Miniseries & More

     December 23, 2015


See all of our Best TV of 2015 here.

Over the last two days, we’ve explored some of the best performances and overall best comedy and drama series, and finally, we’ve come to a category that used to be an afterthought, but has recently become formidable. Miniseries — once relegated to hosting bloated, maudlin network TV events — have become art, and the miniseries (or limited series, or anthology series) is now a format that now boasts some of the best, most visually startling and emotionally compelling TV of the entire year.

The second part of this final entry to my TV Awards adds in a slew of mentions for things I loved on TV this year that didn’t easily fit into my other categories. But! That’s not the end — we’ll also be posting a number of features over the next two weeks about Late Night, sketch comedy series, the rise of the superhero show, villains we loved to hate, and much more, so check back for that. For now, let’s close these awards with more of the year’s best.

Rules: Series had to air between January 1st and December 11th 2015, Best Comedy/Drama limited to 12 series, Best Actor/Actresses limited to 10, Supporting/Guest Actor/Actresses limited to 8, Miniseries limited to 5. Broadcast series are considered for both their winter and fall seasons. Luther, which would have qualified as a TV movie, did not make my time frame cutoff, though I very much enjoyed it.