The Best TV Episodes of 2015 — Part 1

     December 30, 2015


This article originally posted in July, and we are bringing it back to the forefront to pair with our Best Episodes of the Year Part 2, coming up tomorrow.

It’s difficult enough to make a list of the best TV shows currently on the air, but an even more excruciating task is to pick out the best episodes. And then to cull them down to the best of the best? Nigh impossible, but Chris Cabin and I have attempted it with our list of the Best TV Episodes of 2015 (so far — we set our cutoff in early June). By the time December rolls around (Edit: here we are!) and we are finalizing our year-end lists, some of the earliest episodes of 2015 end up forgotten or lost to time. So this year, we wanted to make sure that we gave credit in due time.

Our (unranked) list is below. You’ll also find a robust inclusion of Honorable Mentions at the bottom. But mostly, this list is about episodes that really stood out, not just within their series, but within the early 2015 TV landscape at large. Check it out below, and click on the episode title links to find the corresponding recap. And of course, don’t forget to add your thoughts and additional suggestions for your favorite episodes so far in the comments.