The 25 Twitter Accounts Every Film Fan Should Follow

     August 19, 2016


Twitter, the omnipresent social media service, has been both a gift and a curse. There’s plenty to dislike about what Twitter has wrought, but the ability to connect instantly with filmmakers and performers around the globe has also been a wonderful gift to cinephiles. Sure, there are plenty of celebrity Twitter profiles that simply serve to promote whatever it is they’re being paid to promote. But there are also a number of writers, directors, actors, and producers who are dropping knowledge daily that is invaluable for either burgeoning filmmakers or people who simply love movies.

For cinephiles, figuring out who to follow can be tough. So Collider’s own Haleigh Foutch and Adam Chitwood have put together this here list of some of the must-follow Twitter accounts for any and all film fans. They range from filmmakers that are basically offering free film classes to followers with their constant barrage of knowledge and insight, to actors who are simply passionate and candid. So take a look below and add these fine folks to your Twitter feed.

Edgar Wright

Writer/director Edgar Wright’s Twitter feed is like film nerd nirvana. The filmmaker behind Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and The World’s End wavers between weighing in on the latest films, discussing little-seen or undervalued films from the past, or even carrying on a casually silly conversation with the director of Star Wars: Episode VIII—all with a significant degree of wit and good nature.

Ava DuVernay

Make no mistake: the filmmaker behind Selma and Disney’s upcoming A Wrinkle in Time does not mince words. Ava DuVernay is a refreshingly candid and outspoken voice on Twitter, advocating for more diversity in all areas of Hollywood while also praising and singling out great filmmaking full-stop. An essential follow for broadening your horizons and perspective.

Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro’s is a relative newcomer to the Twittersphere, but he’s rapidly become one of the most interesting and engaged people on the medium. His Twitter account is pure love for cinema, art, and all things genre, infused with his affable humanist bent, and you cannot beat his regular stream of deep cut film, book and art recommendations. (You can check out an incomplete but length list of his film recommendations here and book recommendations here.)

Rian Johnson

This is the guy bringing us the next Star Wars film, so that already makes him a must-follow, but well beyond that, the Brick and Looper is a well-versed filmmaker with a deep love for movies and a commitment to the correct TV settings in the HD age.

Duncan Jones

The Twitter feed of Moon and Warcraft director Duncan Jones is so familiar you may mistake it for one of your friends. Jones is prone to geek-centric tangents and engaging conversations, all with a solid sense of humor throughout.

Seth Rogen

Is there any actor more forthcoming on Twitter than Seth Rogen? The actor makes no attempt to hide his enthusiasm when conversing with someone like The Rock and has no qualms calling out folks with bogus claims (though never in an ugly or mean manner). He’s a fan of films and television, just like us, and has no problem expressing enthusiasm for the things he enjoys.

Phil Lord & Chris Miller


So yeah, these are technically two filmmakers, but since they work together we’ve bundled them together for the purposes of this list. Whatever the case, the directors behind 21 Jump Street, The LEGO Movie, and the upcoming Han Solo film are, as one might expect, incredibly funny.

Anna Kendrick

While she’s doesn’t tweet too often, you can always count on Anna Kendrick to keep it real when it comes to everything from movie tropes to the hilarity of a long-lost Ben Affleck Armageddon commentary track.

Paul Feig

Many filmmakers or actors on Twitter refuse to engage with the sub-human trolls who have nothing better to do than tweet garbage at famous people all day. Paul Feig is not one of those people, and his engagement with Ghostbusters fans both kind and horrible has been a delight throughout the development, production, and release of the film.

Adam McKay

It’s a bit odd to think that the filmmaker behind Step Brothers and Anchorman is one of the more outspoken political voices on Twitter, but Adam McKay’s Twitter feed is a swell intersection of comedy and sharp American policy commentary.

Albert Brooks

For dry humor enthusiasts, Albert Brooks is your man. The writer, actor, and filmmaker is mighty prolific on the Twitter, but instead of self-promotion and endless retweets, it’s mostly a mix of on-brand humor and political asides—and from one of the funniest minds in the business no less.

Brie Larson


Oscar winner and now superhero, Brie Larson is not afraid to be excited about doing cool things. Her enthusiasm is a refreshing change of pace from the litany of self-promotion feeds, and she (gasp) even runs her own Twitter feed!

Dwayne Johnson


Quite possibly the most motivational Twitter feed on the planet, Dwayne Johnson is a must-follow for anyone period, not just film fans. But for the film inclined, Johnson has made a habit of giving his followers a candid behind-the-scenes look at whatever project he’s working on, or even breaking casting news. He’s a one-man Hollywood machine.

Scott Derrickson


The director behind Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange as well as Sinister and The Exorcism of Emily Rose has been fairly vocal on Twitter, sharing plenty of artistic influences on his work with a variety of photos and the like.

Steven Soderbergh

He’s doesn’t post too often, but when he does it’s usually pretty great. The Oscar-winning filmmaker behind Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven and Magic Mike (among many others), operated his account in secret for a bit, but lucky for us, the truth eventually came out and now we get to enjoy his mixture of humor, insight and cinephile enthusiasm.

Bryan Fuller

Like Johnson, Brian Fuller is worth following along for the fact that he’s the man with a plan for the new Star Trek and American Gods series, but beyond inside looks at his upcoming shows (as well as his beloved roster of cult hits including Hannibal and Pushing Daisies), Fuller brings his genial exuberance to it all.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t only one of the best actors of his generation, he’s a bonafide film buff who’s dedicated a huge amount of his energy to fostering creativity through his HitRecord studio.

Miranda July

Me and You and Everyone You Know and The Future director Miranda July brings her charming, insightful perspective to her twitter feed with pithy observations, offbeat humor and self-reflection.

Steve Martin

Steve Martin is a comedy legend, and — along with a regular chronicle of his adventure with Martin Short — he brings his offbeat brand of humor into the virtual world with his goofy and absurd tweets. Bonus, a lot of Banjo love.

James Wan

As a director and a producer, James Wan has his finger on the pulse on a lot of major Hollywood franchises, from his horror roots to the DCEU’s upcoming Aquaman movie and the new MacGyver series, and Wan brings his signature enthusiasm to all his teasers, reveals, and behind-the-scenes looks.

Keith Calder

The producer behind The Guest, Anomalisa, and the upcoming Blair Witch remake, Keith Calder is always bringing some low-key insider realness to twitter with a good sense of humor and obvious passion for the film’s he’s helped create.

Tom Hanks


You won’t get any celebrations of cinema or Hollywood insider details on the filmmaking process, but Tom Hanks’ twitter account is like an extension of that affable, everyman personality that made him a star. You will get blurry selfies, the occasional film recommendation, and most often images of abandoned socks, gloves and mystery objects, all adorably signed “Hanx”.

Ryan Reynolds

The Deadpool star is just as funny as his (semi)heroic counterpart, and in addition to some behind-the-scenes updates, he puts that humor to good use on Twitter with a long backlog of genuinely funny, often absurdist quips.

James Gunn

James Gunn is one of the most active and interactive filmmakers on the internet. Throughout his writing process and production, he’s welcomed fan questions and offered regular updates on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, along with general filmmaking advice and an enthusiastic love of cats.

David Ayer


The filmmaker behind Suicide Squad is also one of the more conversational directors on Twitter. When rumors swirled regarding the nature of reshoots on the DC film, David Ayer took to Twitter to calm things down. And during production, he shared plenty of behind-the-scenes looks at the film.


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