The 5 Best Episodes of ‘Veep’ to Keep You Laughing at Political Madness

     November 8, 2016


Back when Donald Trump first announced that he was going to run for President, it looked like the start of a terrific joke. He would say a bunch of terrible things, get humiliated in the Republican primaries, and we would all have a good laugh. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened, and every day that Trump has persisted has been increasingly nightmarish to the point where the only refuge is in knowing that, God willing, after today it will all be over. This awful, unrelenting election season will be done, and will either have the start of a Clinton presidency that will be stymied by Republican opposition or a Trump presidency where we all die in a nuclear holocaust.

But until that new depression comes, take a brief breather with one of the sharpest political comedies ever created, HBO’s Veep. The real-world absurdity of this election becomes a bit more palatable when shown against the delightful incompetence of Selina Meyer and her awful staff. Veep gets better with every season, and it was difficult to narrow down the best, but since we know that you’ll be spending tonight watching the election results roll in, here are five episodes you can squeeze in before the networks start calling the results.