Every ‘X-Men’ Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

     June 10, 2019


The superhero franchise is and has been king of the blockbuster box office for some time now, and while we’re inundated with new superhero movies ever year, X-Men is something of a minor miracle of a franchise. Bryan Singer’s first film redefined what a superhero movie could be 19 years ago, and and the franchise remained alive and going (though not always well) for nearly two decades. The longevity of this franchise is wildly impressive, and while it’s almost certainly come to an end now that Disney has acquired Fox and will likely reboot the franchise at some point in the future, it remains a tremendously impressive achievement.

So with that said, now feels like an appropriate time to go back and revisit the franchise thus far, from X-Men all the way up through the likely swan song Dark Phoenix. Below, I present to you my ranking of every X-Men movie from worst to best.

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