Better Call Saul: Season 2 Images Tease the Return of the World’s 2nd Best Lawyer

     December 21, 2015


The first season of Better Call Saul went about as well as one could hope a spin-off to arguably one of the greatest shows ever could go. Its strong ratings and critical reception resulted in a highly respected show that recently garnered several year-end award nominations, including multiple nominations for the Golden Globes. And we are now on the eve of season two, which will debut in February (you can watch a teaser trailer here). In anticipation for the second season, AMC has released several new images. Check them out (and Jimmy’s new coffee cup) below.


Image via AMC


Image via AMC


Image via AMC

Those images can’t help but get you excited for the new season. Bob Odenkirk’s return as Saul Goodman (or, for the time being, Jimmy McGill), is just as anticipated the second time around as it was the first, as Vince Gilligan and company have brought the same high level of craft and character development to Better Call Saul as they did to Breaking Bad.

The picture of Jimmy framed between the suits is particularly striking, as it perfectly captures the fork in the road he is presented with. The left side features the typical-style suits of neutral colors that represent the life he had while the right side consists of the outlandish “clown” suits that came to embody Saul Goodman. We already know which one he chooses in the end, but what will bring him to that point?

Better Call Saul returns to AMC Monday, February 10.