‘Better Call Saul’ Season 2 Trailer Teases Bob Odenkirk’s Dark Turn

     November 7, 2015


Vince Gilligan‘s second act as the co-creator and producer of Better Call Saul has proven incredibly fruitful, teasing out new sides of his temperament as a confectioner of stirring moral dramas. Sure, Breaking Bad is, and always be, one of the great dramas that television has ever produced, but it’s over, and those who are hanging onto the man’s latest series solely to see another glance of Mr. White or, more likely, Gus are completely missing the point.


Image via AMC

As a work of visual storytelling, there were episodes of the first season of Better Call Saul that surpassed even the wrenching final episodes of Breaking Bad, and there’s every reason to believe that Season 2 will bring even more inventive uses of symbolism. One doesn’t get much from the first trailer for Season 2, which you can find below, beyond some haunting reminders of the twist and turns of the first season, especially some shattering lines from season finale “Marco.” That being said there’s a potent sense of the resentment that’s been building up in “Saul Goodman” (Bob Odenkirk, in the role he was born to play) following his rift with friends and family, most notably his brother (Michael McKean). I’d be lying if I didn’t say I got a few goosebumps.

Check out the trailer for Better Call Saul Season 2 below:

It’s now becoming more and more clear why Jimmy becomes Saul, essentially making good on the very worst fears of his brother and his colleagues, and what ultimately leads him to get involved with Walter White and Gus. But hey, Better Call Saul would be nothing without its robust sense of humor, and to underline that fact, MTV recently posted a blooper reel from the first season, showing bit players and major players alike goofing off and flubbing lines or physical movements. For those who have grown foggy in the months since Season 1 ended, it might also act as a kind reminder, though it doesn’t touch on the more emotional face-offs between Jimmy and his brother or the law firm he wants to join. Those scenes aren’t exactly…funny.

Check out the blooper reel below:


Image via AMC