‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3 Teaser Trailer Hints at Slipping Jimmy’s Final Dark Turn

     January 5, 2017


Much like it’s predecessor, the behemoth that is Breaking Bad, it’s looking as though Vince Gilligan‘s Better Call Saul is looking to secure a streak of dramatic quality in the serialized TV format throughout it’s run. The second season of this uniquely personal legal drama and dark comedy was easily one of the best seasons of television of 2016, alongside major works like The Girlfriend Experience Season 1, Horace and Pete, and The Americans Season 4. And unlike so many other serialized narratives – rather than episodic – Better Call Saul rarely feels pre-ordained or repetitive, never feels as if it’s following a clear, familiar trajectory, despite the fact that we do, indeed, know where the tale of Slippin’ Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) ends up.


Image via AMC

Not surprisingly, the first teaser trailer for Season 3 of the show hints aptly at the dark turn in morals and plotting that will lead Jimmy to become Walter White’s criminal lawyer of choice, Saul Goodman. It’s super short – 15 seconds – but even in this abbreviated format, one can see the visual rhythm and distinct sense of framing that has colored most of Gilligan’s work up to now. When we see the police officer taking Jimmy’s mugshot, there’s a focus on the details and the model of camera that’s being used, as well as the details of the police officer’s uniform, and the background behind him. The nuances of appearance and aesthetic, especially in the period details of different products, pieces of wardrobe, cars, and other elements of daily life.

You can check out the teaser right below, but the wait for Season 3 to arrive on our television sets will be taking a bit longer. The series is set to return to AMC in April, only two months after The Walking Dead wraps up its seventh season, giving the show a clear runway to become the network’s flagship, if only until the zombies return.

Here’s the trailer teaser for Better Call Saul Season 3: