‘Better Call Saul’ Renewed for Season 5

     July 28, 2018


The most important piece of information to be revealed in this news piece about Better Call Saul is that I have just seen Bob Odenkirk‘s bare bottom. At the AMC panel during the TCA (TV Critics Association) press tour today, Odenkirk came on stage, unbuckled his pants, and then dropped trou to show us a (temporary) tattoo on his bum of the Better Call Saul logo with a heart and the Season 4 premiere date. Folks, it was something I didn’t know I needed to see but it was spectacular.

It was also announced that AMC has renewed the series for Season 5, which isn’t surprising but it also great news. As we’ve been hearing a lot about lately, Better Call Saul is going to be moving more and more into the world of Breaking Bad. At the show’s Hall H panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould — along with stars Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, and Giancarlo Esposito — spoke a little bit about those transitions:


Image via AMC

“If you love Breaking Bad, you’re going to get to see that world expand a bit,” Gilligan expanded. “And in addition to seeing things from that world that you’ve seen, you’re going to meet people who were referenced in Breaking Bad but you never met.” Who exactly? Well, look back to Saul’s very first introduction in Episode 8 of Season 2. When Jesse and Walt have Saul at gunpoint, he asks if “Lalo” sent them? We know he didn’t, but until know, we haven’t known anything about Lalo. Well, that’s about to change. The series recruited Tony Dalton (Sense8) to take on the role, and while they didn’t reveal the details of his character, they did show an image of him interaction with another familiar face…. None other than Hector Salamanca (ding ding!).


As for the scenes that could have been on Breaking Bad, Odenkirk hinted heavily that one scene in particular will be familiar to audiences… because it was on Breaking Bad. “You’re going to see some stuff that will look very familiar in a delightful way,” Gould replied coyly.

I’ll have my review of the new Better Call Saul season up soon, but in the meanwhile, enjoy these the links below: