Full Trailer for ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 4 Gets Dark

     July 19, 2018


AMC has released the official Better Call Saul trailer for Season 4, and things are getting dark. Those who are caught up on the series know that plot-wise, Season 3 ended on a very dark note, but even just visually speaking Season 4 looks to be lacking the brightness and color that accentuated the early seasons of this Breaking Bad spinoff. We knew we were always headed down a less-than-noble path with Jimmy McGill, but watching Jimmy slip down into his Saul Goodman persona has more excruciating than we could have imagined, yet also wholly engaging.

There are also more Breaking Bad connections ahead, as showrunner Peter Gould and executive producer Vince Gilligan have confirmed that some of the story of Better Call Saul Season 4 will take place during the events of Breaking Bad. They’ve said that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul won’t be making appearances this season, but we’ve got to be getting close right?

Better Call Saul is one of the best directed shows on TV and it’s been a long wait for this new season, but it looks as though it’ll have been well worth it. I’m not sure how much longer this series can go, or at least how much longer it can stay in a pre-Breaking Bad world—especially with Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus Fring having such a large role in Season 4—but I’m extremely nervous and excited to find out.

Check out the new Better Call Saul Season 4 trailer below. The series returns on AMC on August 6th.