Eddie Murphy Teaming Up with THE SHIELD’s Shawn Ryan for BEVERLY HILLS COP TV Series

     August 28, 2012


A television series iteration of the action comedy classic Beverly Hills Cop has been in the works for some time now, but it looks as if things are finally moving forward.  Vulture reports that Eddie Murphy is teaming up with The Shield creator Shawn Ryan and Sony Pictures Television on the television adaptation, but the best part is that Murphy has agreed to take an on-camera role in the show as well.  The Beverly Hills Cop TV series is being pitched to networks as we speak, and I’d be shocked if the show didn’t find a solid home very soon.

Murphy expressed his intent to appear on the show last December, saying he’d star in the pilot and would “show up here and there” throughout the rest of the series.  Hit the jump for more. 

beverly-hills-cop-tv-showThough details on Murphy and Ryan’s current pitch for the show are unknown, Murphy previously stated that the story would revolve around Axel Foley’s son, while the elder Foley is now the chief of police in Detroit.  Vulture reports that the show is planned as an hourlong “buddy cop show” that will be a crime procedural with strong comedic elements.  I’d love for NBC to bring the project to fruition, but the description sounds right up CBS’s alley.

In addition to the acclaimed FX drama The Shield, Ryan served as showrunner on FX’s Terriers and the second season of Fox’s Lie to Me.  He also created the crime drama The Chicago Code and he has a new series, the submarine thriller Last Resort, set to debut on ABC this fall.  Hopefully we hear solid word on the Beverly Hills Cop show soon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this moved swiftly into production for a Fall 2013 debut.  Watch the trailer for director Martin Brest’s 1984 film below.