Exclusive Premiere of Two New Alternative Posters for BIG BAD WOLVES

     January 17, 2014


Today, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of two alternative posters from Big Bad Wolves, a comedy crime thriller that Quentin Tarantino called the “best film of the year”.  The story centers on a series of brutal murders that puts three strangers on a collision course.

Directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado and starring Lior Ashkenazi, Rotem Keinan, Tzahi Grad and Dov Glickman, Big Bad Wolves is available On-Demand and in theaters starting today.  Hit the jump to take a look at the posters.

Check out the two new alternative posters for Big Bad Wolves after reading up on the official synopsis:

In BIG BAD WOLVES a series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings – a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder.


Big Bad Wolves poster

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