First Voice Actor Cast for Disney/Marvel’s BIG HERO 6 Is T.J. Miller

     March 28, 2014


The first voice actor for the first official big screen team-up between Disney and Marvel has been revealed.  Rotoscopers (via Bleeding Cool) reports that T.J. Miller will play Fred in Big Hero 6, which is a Disney Animation adaptation of the Marvel comic of the same name.  Miller subsequently confirmed the news on Twitter before deleting the tweet, so perhaps an official cast announcement is coming our way soon.  Hit the jump for more on the project and Miller’s character.

big-hero-6-san-fransokyoThe story of Big Hero 6 takes place in the high-tech city of San Fransokyo and revolves around a robotics prodigy who finds himself embroiled in a criminal plot that threatens to destroy the city.  He joins forces with a reluctant team of first-time crime fighters, which includes Fred, nicknamed “Fredzilla” for his ability to transform himself into a Godzilla-like creature.

Miller is a comedian/actor whom you may recognize from 2008’s Cloverfield or 2010’s She’s Out of My League.  He also has experience as a voice actor, working on both How to Train Your Dragon and How to Train Your Dragon 2 and the animated series Gravity Falls.  Most recently, Miller is one of the leads on Mike Judge’s upcoming HBO comedy series Silicon Valley, and he also appears this summer in Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Big Hero 6 is slated for release later this year on November 6th, so Disney/Marvel no doubt already has other voice actors actively working on the pic that have yet to be revealed.  Don Hall (Winnie the Pooh) is directing the animated film with co-director Chris Williams (Bolt).



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