Limited Paper: Spoke Art and Thinkspace Gallery Team Up for a New THE BIG LEBOWSKI Poster

     August 17, 2012


It’s been a massively hectic week here at Limited Paper.  In just the past few days, we were contacted about a number of new contests/giveaways (one of which we’ve already revealed);  we touched base with a few of our favorite artists and planned coverage for their as-yet-unannounced-but-oh-so-close drops;  we got a status update on a print that’s been on everyone’s mind lately, and—last but not least— we were granted an exclusive or two.

Earlier today– just when we thought we’d reached this week’s Limited Paper quota– a friend from Spoke Art came knocking with an unexpected bit of info:  having teamed up with the folks over at Thinkspace Gallery, Spoke Art was less than 18 hours away from unleashing a brand-new Big Lebowski poster.  Well…what were we supposed to do?  Not tell you about it?  Find out everything you need to know after the jump, folks. 

OK, let’s get right down to brass tacks, folks:  the Big Lebowski poster we’re about to show you—sent over by our friends at Spoke Art just a few hours ago– is going on sale very, very soon.  How soon?  Uh, is today at 1pm PST soon enough for ya?  Let’s not waste any more time rambling about our busy week:  here’s the specs on Spoke Art and Thinkspace’s Big Lebowski piece.

  • Abide in Wonderland by Dave MacDowell
  • $100 Giclee edition of 100
  • Signed and Numbered


Spoke Art and Thinkspace actually have two new posters debuting at Spoke Art’s online store, but they (correctly) assumed that MacDowell’s Lebowski piece would be the one we’d be most interested in:  this is a Giclee version of the oil-and-canvas version MacDowell debuted back in May (during—you guessed it—a show put together by Thinkspace and Spoke Art), and I know a couple people who’ve been wondering if and when a less-pricey version might hit the market.  Well, now they know.  And so do you guys.

To recap: Dave MacDowell’s  Abide in Wonderland will go on sale in Spoke Art’s online store (follow the link above and you’ll see the listing; it just won’t be live yet) today—that’s  August 17th, Slappy– at 1pm PST.  One hundred signed and numbered copies will be sold, as will a few other prints you might wanna check out while you’re cruising Spoke Art/Thinkspace’s wares.  Below, you will find a few more detail shots of the print…and then you’ll find our official Limited Paper “outro”, which contains another reminder about that hint we offered in the intro (in other words, keep reading even though you think we’re done here).



Greetings, and welcome to the end of this installment of Limited Paper.  This is everyone’s favorite paragraph, the one where we remind you to follow us on Twitter @LimitedPaper (for up to-the-minute poster-related news, snarkery, and the occasional “celebrity” guest) before also reminding you—perhaps a little less subtly–that @LimitedPaper will be doing a poster giveaway once we reach 1,000 followers (translation:  our self-worth is calculated in Twitter followers, please send help).  Are you a gallery with an upcoming show, an artist with a kick-ass poster that’s about to drop, a psychic who knows every print Mondo’s releasing until 2015?  Well, you’re invited to drop us a line via email at (please do so quickly).  And, finally, as promised, there’s this:  if you like Batman, posters, and awesomeness (especially when all three are happening at the same time), you’re going to want to check in with Limited Paper on Sunday.  Trust me on this.

And with that…we’ll see ya later in the weekend, folks!  Comments section is yours to rule over!

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