Bijou Phillips and Gillian Jacobs – Exclusive Sundance Video Interview

     February 7, 2008

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s video interview with writer Chuck Palahniuk for the movie “Choke” is another video interview, except this one is with two of the actor’s in the movie, Bijou Phillips and Gillian Jacobs.

If you didn’t know, Chuck’s book “Choke” got made into a movie and it premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. In fact, it was the first movie sold at the fest and it went to Fox Searchlight, the studio behind the recent hit “Juno.”

Anyway, to help promote the movie I got to sit down with Bijou Phillips and Gillian Jacobs to talk about their parts and why they wanted to be in the movie. While I forget the characters name that Bijou play’s (she work’s at the fairground), Gillian play’s Beth/Cherry Daiquiri. If you’ve read the book, you know her part.

And since some of you haven’t read the book and might be curious what the movie is about….

Victor Mancini (Sam Rockwell), a sex-addicted med-school dropout, keeps his increasingly deranged mother, Ida, in an expensive private mental hospital by working days as a historical reenactor. At night he runs a scam where he deliberately chokes in upscale restaurants to form parasitic relationships with the wealthy patrons who “save” him. When, in a rare lucid moment, Ida reveals that she has withheld the shocking truth of his father’s identity, Victor must enlist the aid of his best friend, Denny, a recovering chronic masturbator, and his mother’s beautiful attending physician, Dr. Paige Marshall, to solve this mystery before the truth of his possibly divine parentage is lost forever.

As you can probably tell, it’s from the same deranged mind that created “Fight Club.” I actually managed to see the movie at Sundance and can tell you it’s definitely something to look forward to. It’s scheduled for release this summer.

But if you’re the type that can’t wait to see it, you can watch some movie clips that I posted here. And with that…here’s Bijou and Gillian. Look for more Sundance video interviews later tonight or tomorrow.

Bijou Phillips and Gillian Jacobs – Part 1

· How has the festival been so far

· What’s the experience like watching your movie with a huge audience that isn’t Hollywood

· They talk about their characters and the film

· Were they fans of Chuck’s books and was it a project that when they got the script they immediately wanted to do.

Bijou Phillips and Gillian Jacobs – Part 2

· Working for Clark Gregg (director) and what the set was like

· They talk about what they have coming out. Both have a lot of projects

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