Watch: Bill Hader Returns to ‘SNL’ to Spoof Anthony Scaramucci on ‘Weekend Update: Summer Edition’

     August 11, 2017


Saturday Night Live has a proud tradition of roasting, spoofing and generally tearing political pundits down to size and the Trump administration has proven a particularly robust gold mine. Naturally, Anthony Scaramucci‘s wild 11-day whirlwind as White House communications director left audiences mourning that his short-lived tenure arrived during the summer off season for the comedy sketch series. But despair not. Ahead of their 43rd season return in September, SNL is airing a series of segments for their Weekend Update: Summer Edition hosted by Colin Jost and Michael Che and they kicked things off with the impersonation we’ve all been waiting for. The Mooch is loose!

SNL vet Bill Hader returned to the series for the gag, and it’s just as delightful as you’d expect from one of the best performers in the history of the series. With a shellacked spray tan, poufy hair, duck lips, and rampant bravado, Hader knocks it out of the park as The Mooch. If you some how missed it, Scaramucci served a record eleven days as the communications director and he ruffled a whole lot of feathers in the process, especially when he gave a profanity-laden interview with the New York Times, including the instantly infamous bit about sucking his own… well, you know.

Obviously, Hader’s bit plays on that particular moment in the Chronicles of Mooch (Tongue to tip, next question!). Jost staged Hader’s arrival, “How did we at SNL miss Anthony Scaramucci?” Jost asked, “He was like Christmas in July. Actually, he was like Hanukkah in July, because he was around for about a week and it’s a miracle he lasted that long.” Indeed, it’s a shame we likely won’t see Hader return, considering Scaramucci’s short-lived tenure. This was the actor’s first return to the show since he hosted in 2014 and he’s always a highlight.

Check out the video below. The exact premiere date is still TBD, but Saturday Night Live will return full force in the fall.