Watch Bill Hader and Conan O’Brien Play ‘God of War’ and Crack Jokes

     May 4, 2018


The highly anticipated God of War finally hit PS4 recently, and what better way to celebrate than to watch two people who know nothing about God of War play the game? The twist: those two people are Bill Hader and Conan O’Brien. Indeed, last night on Conan Hader was the guest, and he and O’Brien played some God of War to hilarious results. The two aren’t exactly what you’d call gamers, and as a result may have a few somewhat controversial opinions about the critically acclaimed game.

It’s actually a really fun watch, and as someone who doesn’t own a PS4 and thus can’t play God of War (sad trombone), this is a perfectly fine way to experience the extremely violent father/son story. Unsurprisingly, Hader and O’Brien have some incredibly funny thoughts throughout as they’re told the basic story and then help the boy hunt, kill a giant creature, and stumble upon a turtle house.

Hader is promoting his brilliant HBO series Barry, which only has two episodes left in its eight-episode first season, but which has already been renewed for Season 2. As for O’Brien, it was just announced that Conan will be shifting to a half-hour format in 2019. It’ll be interesting to see how the shorter runtime impacts the series—if he’ll cut back on interview segments, or if he’ll cut down on more of the silly pre-taped segments like the one below. While segments like these can feel cheesy in other hands, O’Brien has the exact right tone to make these really enjoyable to watch.

Check out Bill Hader and Conan O’Brien playing God of War below.


Image via HBO