Watch: Bill Hader & Jason Bateman Talk ‘Barry’, ‘Ozark’, and More in 40-Minute Interview

     June 12, 2018


It’s Emmy season, which means it’s time for various roundtable conversations to make their way online. These kinds of longform discussions can often provide great insight into how your favorite performers and filmmakers work, and indeed that’s the case with a new “Actors on Actors” discussion between Bill Hader and Jason Bateman for Variety. The conversation is about Hader’s excellent HBO series Barry and Bateman’s hit Netflix series Ozark, officially, but it’s more of a wide-ranging discussion about process and acting, as the two talk about how their approach to acting has changed over the years, and what discoveries they’ve made on their respective new series.

This is also a fascinating discussion because both Hader and Bateman are directors on their shows, so they discuss how getting behind the camera has changed their approach to acting, and juggling directing and acting duties on a full series.

It’s a great conversation and if you’re a fan of either or both of these guys, it’s a swell way to spend 40 minutes. Check it out below.