Bill Murray, Chris Rock Sing Classic Tunes in New ‘A Very Murray Christmas’ Trailer

     December 1, 2015


It isn’t the Christmas season without a ‘Holiday Special.’ And who better to lead it than Bill Murray? It appears Murray, with the help of past-collaborator Sofia Coppola, and the assistance of many of his fellow celebrities, are embracing the well-worn format with open arms. Netflix has released a new trailer for A Very Murray Christmas, an original project from the streaming giant set to debut this Friday, December 4th, directed by Coppola. Check it out below:

This is the second glimpse we’ve had of the special, following the first trailer just two weeks ago. Of course, this one is much more tongue-in-cheek, in the format of one of those old commercials meant to sell variety shows, music collections and the like. It’s a fun way to draw attention to what seems to be a fun project, at least for those involved (I am very curious as to what happens when you call the number shown at the end).

In a press release accompanying the newest trailer, Netflix describes the project as “an homage to the classic variety show,” and with all the cameos and musical numbers, they certainly lived up to those expectations. The storyline that brings these people all together involves Murray, as himself, “as he worries no one will show up to his TV show due to a terrible snow storm in New York City. Through luck and perseverance, guests arrive at the Carlyle hotel to help him; dancing and singing in holiday spirit.”


Beyond Murray, the cast includes George Clooney, Paul Shaffer, Amy Poehler, Julie White, Michael Cera, Chris Rock, Maya Rudolph, Jason Schwartzman, Jenny Lewis, the band Phoenix, Rashida Jones, Miley Cyrus, and most definitely many more. While Sofia Coppola’s involvement makes it that much more intriguing, this seems like a nice positive distraction to (or perhaps a nice way to welcome, if you haven’t yet) the continuously pervasive Christmas season.