Bill Murray Hosts Amy Poehler, More in Trailer for ‘A Very Murray Christmas’

     October 14, 2015


Let’s all just admit it openly: Bill Murray is the best. The iconoclastic comedian and actor has seemingly grown his own cult out of simply, unabashedly being himself, and his work with Sofia Coppola in Lost in Translation has had a lot to do with his current reputation as the coolest man in the entire world. This would be the main reason that Netflix has shaped their christmas special, entitled A Very Murray Christmas, around Wes Anderson‘s favorite supporting character actor, who will seemingly play a version of himself in the special. Alongside him will be a slew of similarly unique and famous people, from George Clooney and Paul Schaffer to Amy Poehler and Miley Cyrus, with some extra help from Jason Schwartzman, Rashida Jones, Chris Rock, Maya Rudolph, and the great French indie-rock band Phoenix.

Here’s the trailer for A Very Murray Christmas:

The special will also be Murray’s first time re-teaming with Coppola, who directed the special, since Lost in Translation. Since then, Coppola has directed three great films, including The Bling Ring and Marie-Antoinette, and Murray has become the kind of movie star that can carry a film on his very presence (see: St. Vincent, Get Low, Hyde Park on Hudson, etc.). The key to Murray’s appeal is both in his brilliant deadpan abilities and his public persona as the wild genius strolling fearlessly into any random social situation and interacting with other people, whether they are friends or complete strangers. His shout-out to Harold Ramis, for instance, in the middle of the previous Oscars ceremony remains one of the few exhilarating and heartfelt moments the Academy Awards have ever produced. It’s as much his warmth as his humor and skepticism that will seemingly be on display in A Very Murray Christmas, which arrives on Netflix on December 4th and will likely be the only thing to be released in early December that will actually get you in the holiday spirit.


Image via HBO