Bill Murray Joins GET LOW

     February 3, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Today was “Groundhog Day” so somehow it seems appropriate that we have some new Bill Murray news to report. According to Variety, Bill has signed on to the film “Get Low” – a “period dramatic thriller” from the Zanuck Co. that will begin shooting this week in Georgia.

Directed by former AD/cinematographer Aaron Schneider, “Get Low” stars Robert Duvall as real-life Tennessee eccentric Felix “Bush” Breazeale, a man who planned his own funeral in 1938 while he was still alive. Seeing as many, many people plan their own funerals these days, I’m not sure what makes this story especially screen-worthy… maybe because the man actually liked being called “Bush”? I’m also not sure what qualifies “Get Low” as a “dramatic thriller” but I’ll take that classification with a grain of salt considering it came from Variety.

Sissy Spacek, fresh from playing Duvall’s wife in “Four Christmases”, will get crazy and play Duvall’s wife again in “Get Low”. And as for Murray, he will play a funeral director alongside Lucas Black of “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” fame. Once again, I’m not really sure why it would take two funeral directors to plan one funeral. I only needed one when I buried my father and he was actually dead at the time.

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